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Do I have to pedal?
No. Our electric bikes are equipped with a throttle as well as pedal-assist.

How does your pedal assist sytem work?

Our intelligent pedal assist system allows the power to come in as the pedals are turned. A rotary sensor detects your pedal cadence and distributes power accordingly and gives a much more natural feel to riding the electric bicycle and much greater hill climbing ability. The pedal assist system has up to 9 levels of assist delivering varying degrees of assistance.

What happens when I stop pedalling?
Our electric bikes are still classed as normal bicycles, so when you stop pedalling the power assist stops, and you are able to freewheel like a conventional bike.

Can I go faster than the 15mph legal limit?
The legal limit is based on when the power stops assisting you, so basically, yes! You can go as fast as you can pedal. The electric bike will just not provide any further assistance beyond 15mph.

Do I need a licence?
No. All of our electric bikes are classed as standard bicycles so there are no licence/insurance/MOT requirements whatsoever!

How long does it take to re-charge the battery?
To fully charge a battery from flat will take between 4-6 hours.

Do I have to run the battery flat before I can re-charge it again?
No. All our electric bikes use lithium battery technology, which means that you can 'top up charge' your battery at any point.

Can I use the bike in the rain?
Yes! All of our electric bikes are designed to be used in all weathers.

Can I jet-wash my bike?
No. You should never jet-wash any bike as it forces water into the bearings causing premature wear.

Can I carry load and tow a trailer?
Yes. Pannier racks are available for all our electric bikes for load carrying and most trailer systems work well with them.

What happens if I need some technical help?
Our customer service staff are fully knowledgable about our electric bikes, and can give you telephone assistance. If you have a requirement for service or repair then your local bike shop will be able to help you.

How do I know what size I am?
Try before you buy! Our dealers are trained in cycle sizing, and will have electric bikes that you can not only try for size, but take out for a ride. They will also help you on your individual set-up, making your electric bicycle fit you like a glove!

Can I get insurance?
Cycleguard are one of the UK's best bicycle insurance providers - offering insurance for a wide range of cyclists.

With Cycleguard you can be guaranteed of the best prices and superb service. We don't believe that 'one size does fit all' - so you create your own cover using our range of flexible bicycle insurance cover options. This means you get the cover you actually need and save money in the process by not paying for cover options that you'll never use!

Cycleguard are one of the few companies that offer a racing option for cyclists that participate in competitive bicycle sports (our Active option). We are also one of the few bicycle insurance companies that offer a worldwide cover option, so if you do take your bicycle abroad, we have an insurance option that works for you. Of course you can choose UK only or EU cover if you don't plan of going that far abroad!

Many cyclists are becoming more aware of the need to have liability cover, so that in the event that you cause an accident or damage to another road user, you would be protected against those expensive third party claims. Our Roadcare policy is ideal for cyclists that only require public liability cover and no bicycle or accessory insurance.

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