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UK Electric Bike Law

Electrically assisted bicycles are Road Legal in the UK provided:

  • The electric cycle weighs 40Kg or less
  • The motor rating is not over 250 Watts continuous power output. 

Note: This is the European limit, which the UK signed up to in 2002. The older 1983 UK legislation says 200 watts for bicycles and 250 watts for tandems and tricycles, and this also appears to be in force. In any event, the whole thing is a technicality, because a measurement of 'continuous rated power' is like measuring a piece of wiggly string. You will only get into trouble if your machine has a clearly accessible manufacturer's plate saying something like '500 watt Turbo' on it.

  • Powered speed does not exceed 15mph

Note: This maximum only applies to the use of electric power; riders can travel beyond 15mph with pedal power alone.

  • The cycle has working pedals
  • Riders are aged 14 or over


Are Licenses, Insurance or MOT's required for Electric Bikes?

No - Unlike motor cycles there are no legal requirements for Insurance, MOT's, Licenses or Road Tax, provided the products meet the requirements outlined above.

Are motor cycle helmets needed?

No - The same rules and recommendations that apply to cycles apply to electrically assisted cycles.

Wearing a cycle helmet is recommended, but not a legal requirement for use on the road.