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We have a number of authorised service centres across the UK and our network is continually growing. Please use the locator to find your nearest service centre. If you cannot find a service centre near you, and would like one, then please let us know. We will find a competent electric bike shop in your area with the necessary expertise to help you maintain and service your Joule electric bike.


Regular servicing on any bike is vital to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. A poorly kept bike will end up costing you more to repair, so it makes sense to keep your bike in good shape from day one.


Like a car, your new bike has a bedding-in period - normally 3-6 weeks, depending on use. It is really important to get your bike fine tuned at this point, so it continues to run as smoothly as it should.

This service is a standard service recommended for any new bike, electric or otherwise, and all good bike shops will be competent to do this work.


We recommend you have your bike serviced every 6-12 months depending on use.